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Possible Campain Settings

  • following the war between githyanki and githzera
  • stopping a lizardfolk necromantic cult
  • preventing a mindflayer resurgence
  • restoring the desert to its glory before the ruining
  • becoming the dominate gang/faction in control of the Center Mountain
  • anything else you are able to think of


Humans, Jann, and Trolkin

Scattered in small nomadic tribes across the wastes mostly traders and mercs.


Scattered across the wastes in small to large settlements. Strongest families are the Najeema and the Reedayl. The two families get along for the most part, but disputes break out from time to time. Most Asgeratis are sand sea sailors and navigators. They also head up the mineral gathering in the Sand Seas. They are also known for their supreme craftsmen ship of fire arms.


Live in the mountainous regions of the wastes at the roots of rivers. Mostly farmers, but have managed to keep their lands safe from complete take over.


the “dwarves” of the wastes. Spend most of their time in the volcanic reaches of the wastes. Their secluded postion makes it very difficult for anyone to get in or out. Most Azer that leave their home cities are prospetors of one type or another. Well known crafters of all kinds of arms except guns. Gun powder has a bad habit of exploding when they touch it.

Githyanki and Githzerai

these two races are constantly at war with each other with borders shifting every day. Both races lay claim to the same territory. Both races reside in floating cities above the desert and sometimes use sandstorms to conceal their position. Cities are double as floating fortresses and are sections are kept afloat by over sized power crystals. It is said when a fire storm strikes, a floating city falls from the sky and returns to the sands from whence it came.

Mind Flayers

Hidden under the sands of the wastes in ruins, they constantly try to reclaim the kingdom they once had.


Often follow a dragon as a leader and mostly keep to themselves unless threatened(often times the leader of the tribe) or resources run low. Most settlements are in rocky areas and low mountains.


A secretive race of Snake Like Beings. They are fairly secretive and rarely seen above the surface of the desert. Few people have been in their under ground cities, and legend has it they stretch from one end of the desert to the other. Those who have been above ground are often gathering knowledge and seen at major events in history taking no sides, but merely observing the events. However recent events have caused them to start sending out diplomats to various representatives of surface dweller races. Events discussed at these meetings are kept secret even to their body guards.

Playable Races:

  • Only certain races may gain access to psionics or magic. Psionic races will be in italics. Magic races will be marked with a x
  • Human(x if % roll DC total Intellect at lvl 1 if not divine caster)
  • Asgeratis(x)
  • Bhukas(x)
  • Painted Elves(x)
  • Scablands Half-Orcs
  • Half Jann
Monster Manal
  • Yuan-Ti(x)
  • Lizardfolk(x if % roll DC total Intellect at lvl 1)
  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Jann(x)
  • Azer(x)
Iron Kingdoms
  • Trollkin(x)

Main Page

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