Desert Rebirth

The Adventure Begains

The adventures meet at a map maker’s place for a job. Who referred them to Droder’s Ancient Armors. Droder then informed them that he was putting together two exhibitions. One to explore the ruins buried under Center Peak, and the other to some ruins that have been recently discovered out in the middle of the desert. They opted to take the desert ruin. On the way they met the man who was leading the expedition. His name is Banana Jones. A crazed, and slightly eccentric Archeologist. It took two weeks to get to the site. Along the way they encountered a fey oasis, and lost a couple of expedition members to the residents inside. Apon reaching the ruins they set up camp and found a near by oasis, and started their dive into the depths of the ruins. On the first level, they found a couple of Lantern Archons, and helped them out a bit around the first level. As they went deeper into the into the ruins they angered a Otguyh, luckly though, Banana Jones found a secret door that the Archons disapearred into. And they were able to escape the nasty jaws and tentecles of the Otguyh for now. They explored the rooms behind the secret door and found a portal that the archons went through. There they found a pile of treasure. Apon finding the treasure, a lantern archon appeared and made a deal with the travelers to tell the Yuan-ti to come back to their old city and pick up their stuff. In return, the lanterns aloud them to take a few things to keep.



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