The World

Welcome to the desert world of Hemespha. Were races of all types fight for resources and the right to survive. Between the many waring factions, will you band together, or succumb to the environment? Are you strong enough to survive?


The Sand Sea

The sand sea is a large part of the ocean were sand is so fine that it behaves like water. In some spots, its hard to tell were the shore line begins. The shore line itself has claimed many lives not to include those who swim beneath its surface. The Sand Sea is also very rich in many minerals used in crafting as sand particulates spread through out. Most Asheratis come from this region.

Wyvern Mountains

Infested from root to peak with lizards of my types. The Wyvern Mountains are a parlous place for anyone to go. Rumors from the Northern Peaks would indicate a rising presence of a necromantic cult lead by a ruthless and powerful dragon.

Sand Storm Pass

The only know path through the mountains surrounding the wastes, and frequented by many hazards and sandstorms. Legend has it that beyond the pass is a land of vigor and much life. However no survivors have ever returned from any expeditions to explore the pass.

The Abyssal Sands

Few people have tried to cross this vast stretch of desert and even fewer have returned. All of them mad with stories of being attacked my tentacle faced monsters.

The Center Peek

A large, extinct volcano in the center of the desert whos’ inhabitants have turn the empty magma tubes and chambers into places of commerce. Races from all across the desert come here to sell and trade. The city is lawless as it is diverse. Various criminal elements have set up shop here and fight for control over the city from time to time.

The Northern Pass of the Glass Beasts

Also known as the Jagged Pass, this place is known for extreme temperature swings and reports of floating white stuff falling from the sky. Oh and don’t forget the beasts of crystal that have taken up residence here as well. Those who have made it through the pass have made reports of white sand that melts in your hands covering the ground all the way to the horizon.

The Terror Fields

Each night the dead walk the sands in a never ending battle, unable to find rest. It is said those who fell here went mad under a curse, and it power is still felt today with those who join the ranks when they camp on the fields.

Suggested Books:

  • PHB 3.5
  • Sandstorm
  • Monster Manual
  • Psionic Handbook
  • Iron Kingdoms

Things to note

  • Steam Jacks are of little use out in the desert due to sand easily jamming up their gears, and lack of a good fuel source. And constructs are often used if heavy work needs done out in the desert
  • The main things drawn from the Iron Kingdoms book are the weapons, feats, and classes. Most magic items are treated as normal.
  • Most races use technology as described in Iron Kingdoms. However pure magic items can be found depending on were you are in the desert.

Desert Rebirth

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